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Venturia Begins

2017-07-12 14:45:18 by ethandrawsyt

Hey there! Ethan here! 

Just to let you know, Venturia has now begun production! I am now working on the project every day, so i'll be sure to update you if anything interesting happens!


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2017-07-14 02:14:55

Do have any intension of creating a patrion or crowd funding account to support your project? If so i would be more willing and entice to join as long as your social media skills are also strong.

Kind regards,


ethandrawsyt responds:

Yeah, my social media skills are good! I was planning on using the money to pay the team, and a charity! So a Patreon would work!


2017-07-14 08:37:17

Well if that is the case let me know what your after and keep me posted on updates my SKYPE Wondermeow1


2017-07-17 07:20:12

I'm also curious about helping (also a voice actress) - love working on indie projects and animation / games. Keep me in mind.

ethandrawsyt responds:

That's awesome! Do you have Skype? Just so I can further explain what's needed and stuff like that